Friday, 4 March 2011

The Special Relationship. Concrete.

Trendy Shoreditch is trendy; intimidatingly trendy. Still, a bloody good gig where I had a bloody good time. The regular Special Relationshipers, Tom Basden, Jarred McGinnis and Sam Taradash, were joined by Matthew Robins (and co.), Joe Dunthorne and Simon Munnery at Concrete as a part of YARN Festival.

This was my 3rd time seeing the brilliant Matthew Robins and his band and it was just as spectacular. The stories/songs are childlike and charming and the puppetry is stunning - seeing what they do for yourself is a must.

Joe Dunthorne had written a Chose Your Own Adventure for grown-ups for this special occasion. I loved the way he wrote and will have to seek out his novels asap; his website is worth a gander.

I do like Simon Munnery, but I think on this occasion he misjudged his audience. I felt we warmed to him more when he recited his poetry/stories.

My favourite story of the night came from the newly bearded, Jarred McGinnis, who left me captivated with his tale of a young American who was talked into giving a troubled gentleman a lift while at a laundrette.

Some wonderful photos from the night can be found here.

A thought.

I NEED to buy this book.

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