Monday, 21 March 2011

Big Sketch Bash. 100 Club.

All my favourite sketch groups in one place? Check. Some awesome company? Check. Fun times? You bet. The compere, Tom Bell, was joined by Totally Tom, Three Englishmen, Anna and Katy, Pappy's and The Penny Dreadfuls.

Tom Bell is one of the most underrated comedians on the British circuit, in my opinion; the room is never short of laughter when he's on stage. I adore his whimsy and turn of phrase so much. I hope Tom and Totally Tom get their big break soon. Tommy, Tom, Tom (<--- reminds me of a Cardinal Burns sketch, that does)!

The atmosphere before Pappy's, and indeed Dreadfuls, was electric; the audience was full of enthusiastic fans. Both gave stellar sets and showcased sketches that i'd not seen before. Pappy's' Choose Your Own Adventure sketch and Glove Song was freakin' a.

I haven't seen Anna & Katy perform in, like, a year. Their FĂȘte sketch is a fave. Every time I hear someone say "sorry", i'm reminded of it. EVERY TIME.

My friend Anna's review blows my silly little account out of the water.

A thought.

Pretty sure one of the sketch troupes on the bill fake corpsed. Naughty, naughty.

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