Sunday, 20 March 2011

Knock2bag Gig. Bar FM.

Stirling line-up at a venue close to where I live? Yes please. The MC, Fergus Craig, was joined by Alex Horne, Delete the Banjax, Cardinal Burns, Matthew Crosby, John-Luke Roberts and Andrew Lawrence.

Alex Horne (with saxophonist, Mark Brown) stumbled on comedy gold when he found someone in the audience called Albion. He asked another audience member, Brendan, to ring a friend to let them know that he was sitting next to a man with a wonderful name. Brendan rang his daughter Kim and a hilarious/awkward conversation ensued. Horne ended his set with his Justin Timberlake beatbox - a fave.

This was not the only time that audience members were funny. Bill, who worked in TV, was in charge of starting the round of applause before each act came on; "okay guys, let's have a good one in 3, 2, 1" *clapping/cheering*. EXCELLENT. A couple of dim lads were given heaps of flack for not really getting the jokes and failed miserably at answering questions posed to them by the comedians. Their table was referred to as the "green table" by Matthew Crosby - his reasoning was based on people during school-days who were in the lower set and always had a special name for their classes/area of the classroom. Crosby engaged in a conversation with a trendy Afro-Caribbean man about Nandos that I thought was very funny: (paraphrasing) "do you like Peri-Peri salt on you chips" "yeah, man! High five!" "is this street?".

Delete the Banjax and Cardinal Burns showcased some wonderful new sketches; I enjoyed the English Comprehensive and DJ/Clubbing ones the most. John-Luke Roberts' insults will always be a highlight and I like the way Andrew Lawrence can make turn that audience from thinking "who/what is this man" to "holy moly, he's SO FUNNY" within a matter of minutes.

A thought.

The music in Bar FM was incredibly loud during the intervals. Hello, headache.

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