Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ten-Year Self-Improvement Plan.

I've done it, i've jumped on the bandwagon that is Mark Watson's Ten-Year Self-Improvement Challenge. The plan is to make little changes in your life that will lead you to being a better person in 10 years time:

1) I will read a book a month and write a short blog about each one.

When the subject of books/authors/stories come up in conversation, i'd like to be comfortable discussing them. At the moment all i'm able to do is listen/smile and nod. I think reading will increase my knowledge and give me a better understanding of what my friends are talking about.

2) I will introduce myself to people I don't know, but want to talk to.

I do a lot of twitter chat/forum chat. I tend to feel confident talking to people online, but then when it comes to meeting them or introducing myself to them I get all awkward/shy/twatty and wait for them to make the first move or just don't bother. A desicion I always regret.

3) Keep an updated blog.

I love keeping a blog, it's one of my pride and joys. Lately, I have been so lazy at updating it after every show and therefore it has become a bit of a chore and nuisance to write.

4) Keep a book of thoughts.

I think a lot and sometimes have funny/genius (to me) thoughts, but then when I try and remember them, i've already forgotten. A friend gave me a molskine notebook for Christmas so I plan to use it to write down my thoughts as they come to mind.

5) Write an email to a member of my family at least once a month.

I'm so rubbish at keeping in touch with my family on the other side of the world. I try and write to my Mum once a week, but I don't write to anyone else. It racks me with guilt.

I think my challenges will make me more confident and happier. Confident + happy = a better person.

A thought.

As a fan of Mark Watson, this challenge is making me feeling appreciated and involved. Brilliant.

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  1. Fantastic challenges! I too have a book of thoughts (in action before TYSIC) and it has been excellent. I always used to think/overhear things and always used to forget them. It's just handy to quickly jot those small things down. : )