Friday, 4 March 2011

Triceratops. Leicester Square Theatre.

A new night from Feature Spot where Colin Hoult, Nick Mohammed and Adam Ritches try-out new characters/sketches. This particular evening also featured the marvelous Flange Krammer.

Nick Mohammed (piano and backing vocals) and Colin Hoult (lead vocals) were improvising a song upon arrival; this character from Hoult also turned out to be the MC and reminded Mr. Bewley. Nick Mohammed, Colin Hoult and Adam Ritches didn't perform together again apart from Riches' Mastermind sketch in which Nick Mohammed lent a helping hand; SO FUNNY.

Other highlights included Colin Hoult's St. Germaine character (lots of great Dad-dancing and Zimbani-style facial expressions), Nick Mohammed's Mr. Swallow and Adam Ritches' promoter/agent character.

A thought.

I have so much love for those who are good at hugging.

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