Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mark Watson's Live Address To The Nation. BBC Radio Theatre.

The atmosphere in the BBC Radio Theatre minutes before Mark Watson's Live Address To The Nation was TENSE. Those following Mark on Twitter knew how nervous he was and matters weren't helped by audience members being seated as the 11 o'clock news played into the studio. The story about the plight of ruddy ducks coupled with this atmosphere saw a huge roar of laughter rip through the theatre moments before going live.

Since the broadcast, I have listened to the show an insane number of times and it just gets better. I really, really wish it'll be commissioned. Tim Key's cheeky chappy demeanour was the funniest thing; from the Freudian slips "Steve Redgay" and "cockless four" to interrupting Mark to tell him that he eats "breakfast in the nude".

Quite a lot of pages of script were abandoned as time ran out. Hopefully this won't happen next time (if the is a next time - fingers crossed) as admin will have been addressed.

A thought.

I use the word "love" too loosely. It has lost all it's power.

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