Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Colin Hoult: The New Advertures, Leicester Square Theatre.

Colin Hoult was joined by Thom Tuck, Kevin Eldon, David Reed, Isy Suttie and Zoe Gardner for a night of new material.

I've seen Thom Tuck's stand-up set quite a bit, but it really has come along leaps and bounds; I particularly liked the anecdotes about love dispersed through his material on straight-to-DVD Disney films. Kevin Eldon tried out two brand new songs as well as a new routine from his Character From The North. David Reed played a Doctor (I think it was a Doctor. Oh, I should've written this blog sooner. If you're reading this David Reed, i'm sorry! You're still, and always will be, my favourite Dreadful) reading from his diary; pretty funny. Zoe Gardner played a charcater that wanted to be a beauty therapist, but became a carer because they wouldn't let her wear jewellery - hilarious. Isy Suttie's charcter was bang on; a nosey, middle aged type lady who liked giving advice (Reed gave her a helping hand).

Hoult's new characters are so, so good from 31 year old Mike to his depressed Welsh poet and everything in between. I can't pick a favourite, so don't make me try. A band accompanied him throughout the night and at the very end we all sang the ewok song from Star Wars.

A thought.

The tune from the ewok song is similar to The Horne Section's days of the week song.

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