Wednesday, 30 March 2011

49 Cedar Street. BBC Broadcasting House.

I enjoy Sunday afternoon Radio 4 recordings at BBC Radio Theatre. The pilot of 49 Cedar Street starred Colin Hoult as Laurence, Tom Parry as Elliot and Isabel Fay as Hannah. The live music and sound effects only added to the fun.

A bit of an odd script, this one. The FAQ that we were given before the recording said: "Q: What's this show about? A: Laurence and Elliot have been living together for some time now and it shows. Laurence does his best to look after Elliot and read him bedtime stories; in return Elliot tries to keep his room tidy and always eats his greens before pudding. Their home is a haven of peace and contentment, with comfy sofas, documentaries about punctuation and the occasional song and dance routine. But now they need a new lodger and their lives look set for change". Laurence

Hannah is a very irrational person but joins the house dynamic by, somewhat, guilt tripping Laurence; Elliot was smitten from the start. Some great acting from the main characters and I just adored the morning song and bedtime story.

A thought.

You know there will be lots of funnies during the pick-ups when Hoult and Parry are involved.

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