Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wordwatching. Alex Horne.

Is Alex Horne the most charming and endearing comedian I have ever seen? Probably. 'Wordwatching' at Soho Theatre was the last show on his tour; a sell-out.

A show essentially about Alex's love of words and wordplay. He has set himself a challenge - to get a word, a word that he has created, and its meaning in the dictionary. It's not as easy as it sounds, but with the help of his friends ("verbal gardeners"), it could become a reality.

The 5 most promising words are as follows:

bollo (adj) 1. Unsatisfying and disappointing. 2. A cry of disgust.

games (adj) Really rubbish and a little bit pretentious.

honk (or hoot) (noun) Money, especially cash.

mental safari
(noun) When someone goes mad for a few moments or does a series of rash acts.

pratdigger (noun) 1. Pickpocket. 2. That friend who always has a rubbish girlfriend that everyone has to put up with, or a crap best mate from school they always ask out with you, of the person who finds the most obnoxious person at a party and exposes them to everyone.

Alex's tech heavy show also touches on his new challenge - to become the worlds oldest person. You can read about his endeavours here and by a copy of his book here. Recommended.

A thought.

I love the way Dave Gorman and Daniel Taylor talk. Not their accent, the way they talk. Oh, and Alex Horne.

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