Sunday, 16 May 2010

Karaoke Circus.

I spent a few minutes at this Karaoke Circus trying to secure tickets for the next one in June. You see, Karaoke Circus is now a cult hit and sells out in 24 hours; madness. There had been a few problems at Bethnal Green Working Man's Club, so this one was downsized to Ginglik in Shepherd's Bush Green. Danielle Ward, Martin White, Foz Foster, David Reed and Steve Pretty provided the musical backing for celebrity guests and audience members. Dan Tetsell (stepping in for Dan Maier) and The Baron judged.

Laurence and Gus singing '7 Seconds', Robin Ince and Daniel Maier singing 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)', Victoria and Andy Riley singing 'Stan' and Tim Minchin singing 'The You And Me Song' were highlights. Danielle Ward's bass solo during Humphrey Ker's rendition of 'My Generation' also needs a mention; immense.

The next KC will take place at the 100 Club with The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra; EXCITING.

As always, the talented Paul Bailey took some awesome photos of the evening's proceedings.

A thought.

I cringe when people start sentences with "as a nerd" or "because i'm a geek".


  1. Do you know when the next Karaoke Circus will be, as I've only just come across this post and about it and now we are in August! It sounds like great fun and an interesting event!

  2. I'm not sure when the next London Karaoke Circus will be. It's up at the Edinburgh Fringe on the 17th of August: