Sunday, 30 May 2010

School For Gifted Children. May Ball. Bloomsbury.

All gigs at the Bloomsbury and/or hosted by Robin Ince are always bloody good. This one was no exception and featured the likes of Martin White, Susan Vale, Andrew Collins, Brian Cox, Simon Singh, Ben Goldacre, Adam Rutherford, Gavin Osborn, Marcus Brigstoke and Tim Minchin. Wowwowwow. Given the recent election events, I thought it was going to be a pretty angry gig. It was quite the opposite in fact; chilled and smiley.

Gavin Osborn and Tim Minchin were my absolute favs. Gavin's poem (which eventually will be a song) about Professor Brian Cox was simply brilliant (especially to a fan of Wonders of the Solar System). Minchin sang 'Some People Have It Worse Than Me' (finishing with the line "I could be Dr Evan Harris"), 'Mitsubishi Colt', part of 'Crocodile Rock', 'The Pope Song' and 'Drowned'. It was ace to hear The Pope Song stipped back to just vocals and piano. I turned into a bit of a fangirl (inner squees) when he hit all the high notes during the last verse of Drowned.

I thought Simon Singh and Ben Goldacre's tribute to Dr Evan Harris (who had lost his seat in parliament the previous night) was lovely and once again Brian Cox made me feel rather insignificant (in a mind blowing way).

A thought.

I wish I could take my Dad to School for Gifted Children. He'd love it sooooooo much.

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