Sunday, 16 May 2010

The 100 Club Presents: Adam Buxton.

Jonny Sweet, Tom Basden, Ed Byrne, Adam Buxton and compére, Fergus Craig were brought together at another stellar night of comedy by Feature Spot. Unfortunately, due to the ash cloud, Tim Key was unable to be there as planned.

I love Fergus as a compére, he's wonderfully likeable and really rather funny. His material about making German sound happy and his Lil Wayne cover will never tire; brilliant. He had a very lovely audience to work with.

Jonny Sweet did a condensed version of his Edinburgh show, 'Mostly About Arthur', which I always enjoy seeing. Tom Basden mixed songs with reading aloud from his unfinished novel, 'New Moon'. He created a lot of awkwardness when he tried (unsuccessfully) to get the audience to sing Happy Birthday to his Dad (who wasn't actually there); soooooo funny. Ed Byrne used his set to try out new material. Good.

I have lots of friends who worship the floor that Adam Buxton walks on, but I wasn't very familiar with his work. He got his laughs by showing YouTube clips (some that he'd made and others that he just thought were funny), singing and reading amusing YouTube comments. I really enjoyed his set and now tune in to his radio show, Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape, every week.

A thought.

I hate web nastiness. Forums, Twitter, Facebook... it makes me angry/sad.

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