Tuesday, 25 May 2010

May Day Long Weekend.

The weather was AWFUL.

Nick Mohammed in Bits. Recording.

The theatre where the recording took place was a little bit bizarre. Big, but bizarre. Lots of people came despite the weather and it was chock-a-block. Nice one, Mr. Mohammed!

The recording was spilt in to two halves; the first half was a skit about a Bear Grylls type character and the second was a dippy university student. He's dead good at characters, he is.

Anna Crilly and Colin Hoult helped him out when other characters were needed. It should be broadcast on Radio 4 in the autumn (aaaaaages!).

6 Day Riot. Borderline.

This gig had been postponed due to the Icelandic volcan causing havock. My friend and I arrived halfway through the first bands set. Their sound was like sad country and western. We stuck around until the end of 6 Day Riot's set and then due to tiredness, called it a night.

6 Day Riot played a lot of new songs from thier new album. I really, really like it; something a little different from thier last album, '6 day Riot Have A Plan'. They finished with 'Ya Da Da'. Love it!

A thought.

I think the 7 Dwarfs would be absolutely rubbish in a fight. So many weakness' among them.

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