Monday, 3 May 2010

Popcorn Comedy.

This was my second Popcorn Comedy at the Tabernacle and I enjoyed it just as much as the first one I went to. It attracts some pretty famous faces in the crowd; I SAW CHARLIE BROOKER WITH MY VERY OWN EYES. Anna & Katy, Tom Basden and David Cross performed live as well as showcasing a few videos.

I think Anna & Katy are just ace. Enough said, really. They've fimed a few clips for Funny or Die which are a must see: 'Fruit Eyes' and 'Phone Pen'.

Tom Basden did a very condensed version of his Edinburgh show, 'Now That is What I Call Music-based Comedy', as well as showing a few clips from Freeze!. When introducing the shampoo advert that he'd filmed with Tim Key he said "I asked Key if I could show this at one of theses nights and he said no, but he's in Australia, so...". There is an awful lot of nakedness in that clip.

I didn't know who David Cross was until I saw him at Popcorn Comedy, but i'm pretty sure most of the audience were there to see him. I had been drinking during the show and had failed to go to the loo during the interval which meant I was absolutely busting during David Cross' set. I sat tight though; I think I would have been very unpopular if i'd got up and walked in front of people while his video was shown.

A thought.

I'm not a big fan of bacon or coleslaw.

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