Monday, 3 May 2010

Falling Down With Laughter.

The line-ups at Falling Down with laughter are always great, but I really dislike the venue. Brown walls, fold up chairs and the wiff of raw sewerage. Not nice. I went mainly to see WitTank, 2 Episodes of Mash and Anna & Katy. Unfortunately Anna & Katy had been replaced with sketch due, Jollie.

WitTank did a variety of sketches that i'd seen at their show at Etcetera Theatre, which are just as funny as the first viewing. Their sketches about inventions, such as baked beans and Ikea, are favourites.

2 Episodes of Mash did a few new sketches in which Joe played a set of talking scales and Repunzel (Diane) being asked to let down her hair via intercom. Love, love, love.

A thought.

I saw a young German boy on the tube that had the smallest nostrils. Too small to breath out of. He'd have to breath out of his mouth.

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