Saturday, 13 February 2010

Tim Key. The Slutcracker. Soho Theatre.

The Lorenz Auditorium at Soho Theatre is the biggest venue i've seen Tim Key play solo. 'The Slutcracker' has come to London following it's sell-out, award winning run at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. I've seen this show (a favourite!) in quite a few venues and there were some really great adaptations in this space; a joy to witness.

I'm ashamed to find that there was a poem I didn't recall until I saw it at Soho Theatre. It has been given appropriate lighting (mirror ball/spotlight) and music by his trusty sound guy, Fletch, and now really stands out. It was what Key called a "sexy poem" and starts off on a little bit of a vulgar tone (talking about a man who "shoved his dick" in his partner), but then turns full circle to become a rather romantic piece. Genius.

The quest to get from the back of the theatre to on top of a fridge (a fridge-freezer, I might add) has become a lot harder and also, a lot funnier (a large percentage of the audience become involved, too). I really like how he reads half a (heartbreakingly brilliant) poem from the back of a Prince Charles photograph that is strewn on the floor, and the other half from the back of a postcard that was stuck to the fridge.

Fletch usually plays a big role in the show, but I did find that he blended into the background this time. I think it's because not everyone can see/hear him as he's situated inside a glass booth; bit of a shame (can't be helped, really...).

The only other niggle I have has nothing to do with the actual show. A very enthusiastic fan sat front and centre and tried to draw attention to herself throughout. I know that certain words/looks/gestures from Key can make you laugh so much your belly hurts, but the way she was carrying on was rather ridiculous (in my opinion).

Key is hot property at the moment (with appearances on TVand radio, as well as headlining comedy gigs and receiving rave reviews) and I think his popularity is only set to rise.

A thought.

I really hope I come across as the supportive/lovely fan rather that the creepy/weird stalker-fan.

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