Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pajama Men. Soho Theatre. (Again).

It was the last show of the Pajama Men's (2 month) Soho Theatre run and my 3rd time seeing this particular show. Due to popular demand they extended their run and added 4 late night shows at the weekends during the last two weeks. In doing so, they became the most successful show at Soho Theatre.

It wasn't Shenoah and Mark's most sober show (their words, not mine), but it was still very very good. The scene where Dan and Jennifer share secrets was full of gagging - a scene they've obviously done way too many times, and in such close proximaty, that gagging would be inevitable.

Always the professionals, you would never have known that this was their second performance of the night; miming, characters and accents were extremely polished.

A thought.

This article by Jon Richardson really got my mind ticking. I think the reason why I am single (and have always been) is because I don't want a significant other to be subjected to my imperfections.

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  1. But everyone has imperfections, and you might meet a guy who considers your "imperfections" to be endearing.