Saturday, 13 February 2010

Party. Recording Of Episodes 1 & 3.

When I found out that 'Party' was going to be recorded for Radio 4, I got a little bit over-excited. It was one of my favourite shows at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and I couldn't/can't wait to hear the adapted version (episode 1) and latest installments (episodes 2, 3 and 4). The recordings are taking place at the Pleasance over 3 weeks, and I was fortunate enough to get tickets for all 3. The first recording featured episodes 1 and 3.

'Party' is about a group of young people starting a political party and focuses on them deciding what they are going to stand for (policies/beliefs etc). It is written by Tom Basden (who plays Simon) and also stars Tim Key (as Duncan), Katy Wix (as Phoebe), Anna Crilly (as Mel) and Jonny Sweet (as Jarred).

The writing is a touch of genius from Basden and all the actors are just wonderful in their roles. I wonder if Key, Wix, Crilly and Sweet helped with the dialogue for their characters as it always suitibly fitting.

The pick-ups are always a favourite, and there were some particularly hilarious ones at this recording. Key was asked to eat pringles into the microphone and took great joy in prolonging the task. Eventually, he was told by the producer that it was mainly only the crunch that they were after (a very polite way of telling him to hurry up). Basden piped up and said it wasn't necessarily Key that had to do the pringle eating - they could all have a turn.

I'm sure hearing the lines "you made me have and, Mel", "Gladios - it's Latin for sword", "it's the thought that would have counted" and "I just hit my front" "you mean your face?" "Yeah", will still make me giggle uncontrolably when I hear them on the radio

A thought.

My dreams have been most peculiar this week: Tim Minchin and his love of orangutans to watching a film at the cinema on a toilet with my pants around my ankles (everyone was on a toilet with their pants around their ankles in this cinema, it wasn't just me).

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