Thursday, 4 February 2010

Work In Progress. Cardinal Burns. Idiots Of Ants.

I just love sketch comedy at the moment. If I ever tried to get into comedy, i'd love to be part of a sketch group. Idiots of Ants were rather polished considering it was only a work in progress show while Cardinal Burns gave a rather shambolic performance which didn't diminish the laughs.

There was only one Idiots of Ants sketch that I thought needed a bit of work; I do, however, think their material is rather "samey". I got a serious case of the giggles when a line that Elliot thought was going to be greated with a lot of laughter, fell a bit flat and then exclaimed "well, that's the last time I say that".

I felt that most of the audience had come to see Idiots as there was a rather uncomfortable vibe in the audience as Cardinal Burns took to the stage with their slightly darker sketches. They had 2 new sketches (1 of which only seemed to be added to kill time - a decoy??) and showed 2 films in between some older sketches. I really loved the film they ended on; genius!

A thought.

I think i'm getting better at this talking to strangers business. Jolly good.

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