Thursday, 4 February 2010


Git (or "Soapy Git Wank, as Dan Atkinson wanted to call it) is a new comedy panel show with Jon Richardson, Lloyd Langford and Dan Atkinson. It's all about judging things (people, objects, wine etc) on first impressions and is destined for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The work in progress shows are taking place in the delightful little room above the Salmon and Compass in Islington.

Dan asks the questions and looks after the technical side of the show while Jon and Lloyd battle it out to become the winner. These 3 gentlemen complement each other so well and by the time they're ready to take it to Scotland during the summer, i've no doubt, they'll be onto something great.

My friend had travelled from Pontypridd in Wales to catch the show and when this information became general knowledge, Lloyd came over and gave her the box containing the ticket money - hilarious.

I'm not sure if it was venue, lovely hosts or nice company (perhaps all 3?) but this gig had a lovely warm and inviting feel to it; a truly splendid evening.

There were some rather wonderful photographs taken by Edward Moore on the night and can be seen here.

A thought.

I'd like to get rid of the people in this world that make me feel rather shit, it would save me a lot of tears.

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