Monday, 1 February 2010

Etcetera Theatre. Robin Ince. Gavin Osborn.

I must admit that Gavin Osborn was what really made me want to go to this gig. I like Robin Ince, I really do, but his quick 15 minute sets that i'd seen him do a lot lately had really made me question why. The angryness, rantyness and shoutyness leaves me a little bit cold, no matter how funny. This gig was a breath of fresh air and my admiration for Mr. Ince is back.

The stage was set with two chairs, a desk, many books, stacks of paper and a very full ruck-sack. He read from some of his favourite books, spoke about things that had made him angry and just seemed like he wanted to share things that he felt passionate about with his audience. He encouraged us to stand up for our beliefs and values; what a lovely man. Robin doesn't work well with time restraints - he needs to be able to lose his way for maximum satisfaction.

Gavin sang 4 songs, all of which aren't on an album. I really wish they were 'Over 30', 'Arthur' and 'Dear Stranger' are some of my favourites. His voice is so beautiful and every time he hits the high notes I get instant goosebumps.

At the end of the show, Mr. Ince gave us all a book, CD or DVD from his rucksack (he was having a bit of a clear out at home); I ended up with 'Mean Creek' on DVD.

A thought.

I wrote a poem on the tube, it was quite liberating.

She Looked Down At Me

Hair emaculate
Make-up just so
A sparkling diamond on that finger
I wasn't like her

Perfect figure
Knee high boots
Checking emails on her top of the range iPhone
I wasn't like her

I wasn't like her

Hair chucked back
Touch of gloss
A smudgy stamp from a gig
I wasn't like her

"Well rounded"
Scuffed broags
Checking for texts on a 5 year old phone
I wasn't like her

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