Thursday, 4 February 2010

Falling Down With Laughter's 5th Birthday Bash.

The tiny little room under Belushi's in London Bridge is a great venue for comedy (despite the brown walls), the audiences are usually very supportive and Alexis and Sy are lovely hosts. It's quite a long way from home and falls on a Tuesday which means that if the line-up isn't OMG-worthy, I don't usually go. The 5th Birthday special featured the likes of Cat of the Week, Lucy Porter, Justin Edwards as Jeremy Lion - the children's entertainer, Tim Key and Rob Deering, so, I went.

The description of Cat of the Week on their facebook page reads "silly, surreal, dark sketch group", so it's no surprise to say that I really enjoyed their set. Alexis Dubus, Sy Thomas and Steve Mould showcased 3 sketches (they only have 5, apparently) all of which were silly, surreal and dark. Brilliant.

Lucy Porter's set centred around two books; a girly book from her youth and a language book that she bought in Indonesia that taught English people how to pick up Indonesian women. The girly book went over my head and the book she bought in Indonesia was funny in a very creepy way.

Jeremy Lions split the crowd a bit, I just so happen to think that his set was hilarious (no matter how many times I see it). He plays a drunkard that uses alcoholic beverages as puppets to tell the story of 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'. I really don't know how he can consume so much alcohol in such a short amount of time (!).

It'd been a whole month since I last saw Tim Key perform, so I was rather looking forward to it. He didn't disappoint (he never does) and even had some new political poems (Gordon and Sarah Brown + a glass eye + Twitter = GOLD). His banter with the audience included offering a man a job (the gentleman was unemployed) and telling a (very rude and roudy) woman that he didn't like her body language when she questioned his choice of verb (SLAM!). Tim gave the audience a bit of back story before he started reciting 'Malcom' "the cashier is chubby. Not fat, just ill-disciplined" - love it.

My music knowledge is quite appalling and I don't really think I got as much out of Rob Deering's set as I should have done because of this (the material I really enjoyed, I had seen before). His set ran for about 40 minutes and by the end, I just wanted to be home and tucked up in bed (it was 12.30am before I could do so).

A thought.

I'm such a comedy snob - I tut at people who don't show good etiquatte at gigs. I think this makes me as much of a twat as the heckler.

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