Saturday, 13 February 2010

Jonny Sweet. Mostly About Arthur. Soho Theatre.

Jonny Sweet's 'Mostly About Arthur' won the Edinburgh Comedy Award for best newcomer and rightly so; an hour of lovely, funny, clever, silly and, at times, awkward humour. The studio at Soho Theare was a great space for this show - a memorium about his bereaved brother, who was a respectable blurbist.

Powerpoint presentations, a game (Pear Touch anyone?) and a play (who wants to be the table? Chandelier? Coffee Machine?) only enhance the charm. Sweet's character is just adorable; my smile never faded and his quips/mannerisims/sayings would always rouse a giggle ("soz", "simmer down", they way he'd pause to tuck in his shirt and his nervous/cheeky laugh were favourites).

I'm really looking forward to seeing it again next weekend.

A thought.

Going to see the same show numerous times may seem silly to some, but it's what I do.

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