Thursday, 4 February 2010


This gig almost felt like it was a dream, particularly when I was whipped by a curtain tie (Sir Tim's belt) as he tried to fix a broken mic and then rush back to his "burger van" (what...?). I put it down to the slightly odd venue (Fymfyg Bar in North East London), strange starting and finishing time (12am - 3am) and the fact that it was rather shambolic (just the way I like it). In between the regular bunch (Andrew Maxwell, Tim Fitzhigham Lady Carol and the breakdancers) were Milton Jones, Carl Donnelly and Phil Kay.

I was a little bit slow during Milton Jones' set and at times I had just "got" the previous joke as he was halfway through telling the next one. If you're not a fan of puns or one-liners, then Milton Jones is not for you. At fullmooners if a joke goes down well, a spotlight appears in the middle of the stage and the audience "howls at the moon" - a ritual that Milton looked totally bemused by.

I haven't seen much of Carl Donnelly, but his set at Fullmooners has made me think I should. He got his laughs (and howls) by telling stories about his life (Eric Lameart's style is very similar) - my favourite was his 9/11 story from back when he was "a proper cunt".

Phil Kay seemed a bit lost during his set; he asked the audience questions which were addressed by blank stares. Not his finest work, but he always amazes me how he can come up with some rather brilliant songs on the spot.

I got a little bit annoyed by the front table (I see them at every Fullmooners and at most of Maxwell's gigs) who wanted to be involved a bit too much. Not nearly enough of Sir Tim and Lady Carol for me, but a fun and entertaining night (morning...?) nevertheless.

A thought.

Making your way home accross London at 3am can really put a damper on your evening.

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