Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Petty Concerns Of Luke Wright.

I've not seen much performance poetry (John Cooper-Clarke, Laura Dockrill, Phil Jupitus... i'm counting Tim Key and Tim Minchin, too), so i'm not what you you'd call an expert. In saying that, I really did enjoy 'The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright'.

The stories in-between the poetry borders on what i'd call stand-up. His humour is quite self-depricating and by the end of the show I didn't want to "laugh at him" anymore; more "laugh with him".

I found his poetry quite different all in all (never "samey") and the way he recites is very entertaining (full of energy, gestures and impersonations). At times, I found his style similar to Russell Brand - whom he brings up a few times in his anecdotes.

The Old Red Lion Theatre in Angel was a nice space for this show (I was so enthralled in the perfomance that I hardley noticed the creaking floorboard). This particular show was sold out and I ended up crunched up on a stair; which is one of the only criticisms I can give.

A thought.

Chin up, Simone, chin up.

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