Sunday, 29 November 2009


I had been looking forward to seeing David O'Doherty (in the Lorenz Auditorium at Soho Theatre) for weeks. It'd been way too long since I last saw him live; way back in August at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The stage was set for a play (This Wide Night, I think) complete with two couches, shower and window (that rained!). O'Doherty joked that it seemed like a typical, bleak, Irish play. My friends and I really hoped that he would muck around with the set (pre-show discussion) and we weren't disappointed.

The window was full of water and had started to drip, David seemed a little bit concerned that he'd get electrocuted so the stage manager came down and put a bucket under the dripping (there was a moment of silence when all you could here water droplets hitting the bottom of the bucket). As she was walking back up to the sound desk (and had her back turned), David showed us that the set had actual running water.

There was a little bit of "plinky-plonky", a little bit of stand-up (usually funny ancedotes) and some excerpts from 100 Panda Facts that he penned with his pals Claudia O'Doherty and Mike Ahern ("did you know that if a Panda gets struck by lightning, its black hair turns white and its white hair turns black? These bears are know to Pandologists as negative Panda's").

The last song of the show "Everything is not Shit" was written for a friend that was a little bit down and is really beautiful. I always tear up a little bit while listening to that song.

My favourite quote of the evening was when David first came onto the stage and put his Yamaha keyboard on his lap and exclaimed "I am Florence and this is my machine". I really enjoyed his story about the dog that he almost killed too (which was made even funnier when the person who's dog that story was about was in the audience).

I enjoyed the show so much that i'm going back to see it again on Saturday.

A thought.

I try not to be a complete fangirl, but it's so hard.

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