Saturday, 21 November 2009

Los Quattros Cvnts.

I didn't know much about the gig I was about to attend, nor did I know much about the comedians I was going to see.

Los Quattros Cvunts was a sketch comedy night at The Pheonix featuring Michael Legge, Jeremy Limb, Dan Mersh and Paul Litchfield with special guest Rich Fuller.

My favourite sketch was about a Twitter hashtag game (a huge in-joke) and I also liked the sketch about the Flaherty Brothers and Billy Sunday.

I'm not still not entirely sure about my opinion on Rich Fuller's material. I think he's one of those comedians where he's so bad that he's good... you know, like Brian Gittins (?).

I thought Michael Legge was the stand-out and will definitely try and see him again.

A thought.

I've made quite a few friends on Twitter, but always find it easier talking to them online rather than in person. Ho hum.

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