Saturday, 21 November 2009

It Comes In Three's (Take Two).

A few weeks back I was a little bit sad about my best friend moving back to Perth, Tim Minchin's UK tour ending and my Grandpa not being very well and consequently, blogged about it. A friend from home who read the blog compiled a list of good things that come in three's and emailed it to me (the email was titled "g'day from 'stralia").

- the holy trinity! (haha, was seriously the first thing that came into my head, wtf!)
- neapolitan icecream (three flavours!)
- #3 tram is the tram that wizzes by my window (it just went by then!)
- Ben Folds Five (Ben has been on steady decline since his band of three)
- 3 Blind Mice (see how they run!)
- 3 wishes from the genie (i'm thinking of when N-fa played the timtam genie!)
- 3 is how many days until the weekend!

I'm not sure about the first one and the last one isn't always relevant, but it cheered me up so much. I love that girl!

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