Monday, 23 November 2009

Do Nothing.

Last night I went to the Royal Court theatre in Sloane Square to see Simon Amstell's 'Do Nothing', supported by Tim Key.

The last time I saw Key perform in a similiar theatre, he absolutely stormed it and I was hoping for much of the same. I enjoyed his set, I always do, but it wasn't his best. He had a screen up behind him which meant that he was able to showcase some of his wonderful short films (clips?) that he used in The Slutcracker. They are completely awesome! I love the one about dew, it's so so beautiful and never fails to give me goosebumps.

I saw Simon's show in Edinburgh the day after the 24 Hour Show (at which he had contributed a lot of time and effort) and he seemed distracted and often lost his way (understandable). The same thing happened last night.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the show, but it didn't really flow with the stopping and starting.

I laughed so hard at "It's so nice to be back in London. I've just finished a tour of the country (audience giggles)... we should really do something about that" and "[to audience member] what are you eating? Chocolate? This is ART... someone in Ipswich ate a Callipo during my show...".

A thought.

Rude people should be thrown out of a comedy gigs the moment they start disturbing others and/or the comedian on stage.

I say this because my evening at the Royal Court Theatre to see Amstell and Key was ruined by some very rude people sitting behind me. They clearly weren't impressed by Key and made sure everybody knew by talking really loudly about how much they weren't enjoying themselves. They were then over-enthusiastic about every little joke that Amstell made.

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