Sunday, 27 February 2011

Take A Break Tales. Leicester Square Theatre.

This was the 3rd show from Martin White and Danielle Ward as a part of the Ward & White Season at Leicester Square Theatre; a series of short comical plays based on the stories in Take A Break magazine. The plays were voiced by Emma Fryer, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Neil Edmonds, narrated by Danielle Ward and musically accompanied by Martin White. Sara Pascoe did a short set to kick-start the evening.

The stories were typically Ward and very funny in their own right, but Fryer, Cabourn-Smith and Edmonds made them even more chucklesome. I found myself being completely mesmerized by the comedic talents of Fryer - SHE'S AMAZING.

I do enjoy watching Sara Pascoe and it was great to hear some new material - I particularly liked her joke about how making up a bizarre story these days would lead to accusations of trying to be like Noel Fielding.

A thought.

You know when you're little and you accidentally hold someones hand that you think is your Mum's and then it's not? Does the same thing happen to primates? Does a Lemur accidentally jump on the back of a mother that's not theirs?

I have been watching a lot of BBC's Madagascar recently...

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