Tuesday, 15 February 2011

ARINFAT. Cavendish Arms.

For a semi-regular gig, this comes around way too fast. This one was a new material night (ARINFAT - A Reasonably Informal Night Featuring Assorted Things) and featured the likes of Henry Paker, Matthew Crosby, James W Smith, Will Howells (and orchestra), Chris Coltrane and Stephen Hill. As always, it was hosted by H Anthony Hildebrand.

I'm very glad I got to witness Will Howells' comedy songs, I have known him for a fare while and have never caught a set. I particularly like Media Gay (even though I was wearing a checkered shirt and black-framed glasses which he totally disses in the song). Will was supported by his orchestra, aka Billy on guitar.

James W Smith (who writes this awesome blog) and Matthew Crosby were favourites. Crosby did a solid 12 minutes of material on Nandos and Smith had an incredible ending which left me feeling equally amazed and horrified - KUDOS.

H Anthony Hildebrand read one-liners from a Chesney Hawkes mug box in between acts. He has a very fine mind as he demonstrates daily on his Twitter account.

A thought.

I have to try harder not be a try-hard.

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