Sunday, 6 February 2011

Just For Laughs Showcase - Saturday. Pleasance Theatre.

This was fun. So wasn't in the mood for watching comedy, but thoroughly enjoyed myself. Nick Helm, man who's name I can't remember, Ian Smith, Dan Clark, Edward Aczel, Mae Martin, Henry Paker, Nathan Caton, Celia Pacquola, Joe Wilkinson, Dave Hill and Gareth Richards did 8 minute sets in front of a lovely crowd at the Pleasance Theatre in the hopes of being chosen to take part in the Canadian Just For Laughs festival later in the year. It was compered by Stuart Goldsmith.

Henry Paker was absolutely AMAZING. He kind of did observational comedy with a surreal twist - I couldn't breathe for laughing. I'm glad I got to see Ian Smith, Gareth Richards and Dave Hill, whom I like but weren't listed.

A thought.

I bloody love Pleasance Islington.


  1. It's refreshing when people not only know who Henry Paker and Miles Jupp are but really appreciate them too.