Saturday, 26 February 2011

Paul Foot: Ash In The Attic. Soho Theatre.

I feel awful. Thing is, I let others influence my opinion about Paul Foot without going to see him live myself. I did see him once, at Mark Watson's Last Ever 24 Hour Show, he walked out 5 minutes before the end and I got a bit cross because I thought he was drawing attention to himself when it should have been on those who had contributed to the show. I have one friend who can't even look at him. Why? I don't understand?! He's absolutely brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. His appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks made me want to see Ash in the Attic; best guest EVER.

The space in the Lorenz Auditorium was set up like a young creatives flat which Paul made full use of with hilarious consequences. I liked the use of the piano to sum up the jokes he was about to foretell. His main jokes (which mainly go on for 15 minutes) are about homophobia. Towards the end of the show he read out shorter funnies off handmade palm cards.

The Chortle review says "sometimes this is like watching a doddering old lady who's slightly losing her marbles potter about her kitchen trying to get some tea together, muttering to herself, trying one thing then wandering off and doing something entirely different" and I totally agree. Paul Foot has a stand-up style all of his own and I can't recommend him enough.

A thought.

Jessie J has a very nondescript face.

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