Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gutted. Leicester Square Theatre.

Great book, wonderful music and incredible cast. Martin White, Danielle Ward et al, take a bow! I'd seen the show at Lowdown at the Albany, Riverside Studios and the Assembly Hall and have to say that the Main House at Leicester Square Theatre was by far the best venue for this wonderful production. The cast and musicians were in black tie and it was performed Les Mis-style.

I really had forgotten how funny the book was; there weren't many moments when I was laughing. The songs are so catchy and i've been humming them all week. Apparently there was a recording and I can't wait to get my paddles on a copy. Kudos to Colin Hoult and Michael Legge who delivered outstanding performances. I mean, they were all bloody good, but Hoult and Legge were above and beyond. A special mention to Isy Suttie who stepped into the role of Sorrow for the night and made the part her very own. Everyone in the room seemed to be enjoying themselves no end, myself (and performers - especially Margaret Cabourn-Smith) included.

There was a Q&A with Robin Ince after the show which felt a wee bit awkward at times. It was good to hear some inside information about the show, though.

I hope this isn't the end for Gutted.

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A thought.

When I see someone with a belt over the belt loop, I want to point it out to them. It's as bad as having your fly down in my opinion.

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