Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pappy's New Material Night. New Red Lion Theatre.

A new gig hosted by Pappy's which gives themselves and their stand-up friends an opportunity to try out new material. The guests on this particular evening were Joel Dommett, Joe Wilkinson, Arnab Chanda and Holly Walsh.

I enjoyed myself immensely up until Pappy's started reading their radio pilot which was spoiled by a stupid heckler and the fact that it was getting really late on a school night and I was a long way from West London.

Joel's jokes about getting a bike were ace and I loved how Joe got distracted because of a rug on stage. Arnab needs a little bit more confidence on stage, but his funnies are brilliant - the time I saw him at Clark's at the 100 Club will still be one of my fave sets at a comedy club ever.

Matthew Crosby did a little bit of solo stuff in between the acts. I loved his story about the man we enormous hands - "I can hold you, but in a way, too well".

A thought.

I laughed most at a couple of things that happened before the show/during the interval: 1) Tom Parry walked past Aislinn and I on the way to the New Red Lion Theatre singing loudly to himself and then, when he was was a few paces in front, he slipped on a drain but carried on singing. 2) Ash and I were debating how one would pronounce Isy Suttie's name. Ash said that Isy had said that you pronounce the 'u' in 'Suttie' like you pronounce the 'u' in 'butter' and then I started saying 'butter' in Isy's accent... I guess you had to be there.

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