Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ten-Year Self-Improvement Challenge. Update One.

I have 5 pledges that I think will make me a better person in 1o years time. If you don't know what they are, you can read them here. I will now update you on my monthly progress:

1) I haven't read a book. I haven't even started a book. I have read the paper daily and various articles that people have linked to on Twitter, but that is all. I can't seen to motivate myself to read. I have replaced my iPod in my bag with a book, but instead of reading I stare at people/out the window/at the advertisements on the tube. Any tips?

2) I introduced myself to a comedian the other day. We'd tweeted each other and I had something to give him, so it made things a little bit easier. He was so nice. I had an extra spring in my step the following day.

3) My blog is /almost/ up-to-date. I've been to an awful lot of shows lately and just haven't been able to find the time. Maybe I should look into getting an iPhone, that way I could blog while i'm out.

4) I started really strongly with this challenge and i've forgotten about it a little bit lately. I need to remember put my notebook and pen in my apron before I start work. I'll step up my efforts this month.

5) I wrote a very long email to my Grandparents at Easter and got a lovely reply. Excerpt: "I have just attended a Senior First Aid Course at Vinnies Head Office, and I was so-o-o nervous. Was studying the First Aid Disc for days, and thankfully I passed with a mark of 18 out of 20. Gosh, I was relieved. We were given a dummy called “Mini Anne” to practice on – I have been threatening all the volunteers with CPR lessons!!".

A pretty poor effort for my first month. This month, my efforts will be doubled!

A thought.

I have opinions about varied things, but I don't have the confidence to back them and chose to say nothing. I discovered a lack of confidence in my opinions while reading Mark Watson's blog entry called "The Very Late Review"; i'm extremely apprehensive to comment.


  1. I personally find it easier to read when not on the move, I used to read in the car and on the train all the time, but with the advent of podcasts (where I get bored if i'm sitting still) I tend to keep those for travel and make time to read at home.
    Try going to bed 5 minutes earlier and reading a few pages? It doesn't matter if its only 4 or 5 it's still progress!

  2. Thanks! I'll give it a go.

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