Sunday, 4 April 2010

Party. Arts Theatre.

This was the West End debut for Tom Basden's award winning play 'Party'. It was just as wonderful as I had remembered and this time it had a kick-ass set (a visual feast for a fan - i've seen inside Jared's summer house/shed!).

Duncan's (Tim Key) physical comedy with the water jug still made me laugh uncontrollably and Jared's (Jonny Sweet) phrases were brilliant (I particularly liked "good eff" and "dodge territory"). I predicted an accident during the part where Jared lunges forward and slams his foot down on the top of a tool box.

It received rave reviews in most of the top newspapers and rightly so.

A thought.

Growing up in Australia where not many houses have stairs meant they were always a bit of a novelty. Now that I live in England, the novelty has worn off. I approach stairs with caution; I think it's partly due to the fact that staircases were out-of-bounds when I was little incase we hurt ourselves. I've fallen down the stairs (4 stairs from the bottom) once. It hurt.

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