Thursday, 22 April 2010

Will & Greg Radio 4 Pilot. Comedy Piano Bar.

So many people came to the recording of Will & Greg's Radio 4 Pilot that my friend (who was running a little bit late) was turned away! A super-fun recording with only two pick-ups; amazing.

A new sketch was added since Joke Party in which Will & Greg were talent scouts for extremely unattractive twin children. The line "where is your twin...? OH! I thought it was some kind of meaty rucksack", will never fail to amuse me.

From the recording of Will & Greg, we made our way to Comedy Piano Bar which is a new comedy night hosted by James Sherwood. Basically, a group of comedians are invited along to do a set, BUT they have to finish on a song. The first ever Comedy Piano Bar had a wicked line-up: Tom Allen, Helen Arney, Thom Tuck and Henning Wenn. ACE.

Tom Allen finished his set with a cover of Kellis' 'Milkshake' and Helen Arney finished hers with a brilliant arrangement of OutKast's 'Hey Ya!'. Soooo good. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

A thought.

I just love it when grown men gets haircuts and then suddenly look childlike. Awww, too cute.

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