Tuesday, 20 April 2010

An Event Of Some Kind VII.

Instead of accompanying my family to mass, I spent Good Friday at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell. It was AEOSK's 1st birthday and they had a cracking bill to celebrate: Junior Ministers, Emi Green & Noisy Fred, Pippa Evans, Tim Minchin and 6 Day Riot.

Pippa Evans as Loretta Maine was just wonderful; her voice well and truly blew me away. She sang 'I'm Fine' (a favourite), a new song (from her new show, I pressume) and led an audience member (my friend) in a Cosmo Quiz. I'm sure she gained a lot of new fans.

Emi Green is a singer/songwriter from my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Her songs were sweet and her voice, lovely; she was accompanied by Noisy Fred on acoustic guitar. She reminded me so, so much of my singer/songwriter friend, Jennifer Reed. Uncanny almost.

It was great to see Junior Ministers again, it's been quite a while due to a band member being overseas. H Anothony and Jim played songs from their album 'Adventure Playground'; a definite crowd-pleaser.

I LOVE 6 DAY RIOT. Bass, violin, drums, guitar, uke, awesome lead singer, catchy tunes... what more could you want? One of the most memorable moments was when Tim Minchin provided percussion (and dancing) during 'Ya Da da'.

By the time Minchin graced the stage for his set i'd had a bit too much wine and my memory became fuzzy. He sang an Easter song (which he wrote when he "didn't think anyone would listen" to him), 'The Good Book' and commandeered the bassist and drummer from 6 Day Riot for 'Mitsubishi Cult'. He previewed a song from his new radio series, played from his iPhone, while the lead singer of 6 Day Riot, Tamara, joined Tim (with acoustic guitar) for a cover of Crowded House's '4 Season in One Day'. MAGICAL.

AEOSK VII came to an end with all the performers coming back on stage to help Junior Ministers sing 'Bounce'. My night didn't end there, I stayed well in to the night drinking, talking and just having the most wonderful time.


A thought.

Some people create so much drama. It's best if I keep my distance with these people.

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