Sunday, 4 April 2010

Return Of The Tardy Blogger. Week One.

I've done it again, I haven't written a blog in 4 weeks. Maybe I should cut down on the amount of shows I see so I can keep on top of it (I don't think it's going to happen, to be honest).

Fat Tuesday.

This was Fat Tuesday's 5th Birthday bash and was jam-packed with some wonderful comics: Robin Ince, Matt Kirshen, Kevin Eldon, Holly Walsh, Ginger & Black, Lucy Porter, Carl Donnelly, Isy Suttie and Phil Nichol.

My highlights were Keven Eldon as the poet Paul Hamilton (he totally encompasses this character) and Tiernan Douieb and Phil Nichol singing 'The Only Gay Eskimo'. There are some awesome photos here.

100 Days To Make Me A Better Person. London Word Festival.

On the 1st of December Josie Long invited the public to do one thing for 100 days that would make them a better person. Over 800 people signed up and on the 10th of March an audience gathered in a secret location in Stoke Newington to see the end result as part of the London Word Festival.

Josie, Sara Pascoe and Isy Suttie took it in turns to talk about their challengers (Josie spoke to strangers and wrote jokes, Sara wrote letters and Isy drew pictures on a large canvas). Alex Horne was unable to be there, but his short film was debuted (he filmed his son for 6 seconds everyday) which was one of the most touching things I have ever seen.

The audience took great joy in sitting on cushions/rugs/mattresses and wandering around the 100 Days Gallery during the intervals. It was an immensly enjoyable and inspiring evening.

The Big Libel Gig.

This gig was organised by Robin Ince to help raise money to support the Coalition for Libel Reform which attracted big names including the likes of Dara O'Briain, Ed Byrne, Tim Minchin, Marcus Bridgestocke, Shappi Khorsandi, Professor Brian Cox, Simon Singh, Ariane Sherine, Professor Richard Wiseman and Doctor Ben Goldacre.

Highlights were Ariane Sherine singing 'The Simon Sing Song', Tim Minchin bear-hugging Robin Ince, Professor Brian Cox telling the tech men to "turn the fucking lights down" and Dara's rant about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Photos here.

A thought.

I used to do something arty or crafty once a week, these days I don't any. I should really get back into scrapbooking; I have so many tickets, flyers and articles cluttering up my room.

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