Sunday, 4 April 2010

Return Of The Tardy Blogger. Week Two.

Isy Suttie. Work In Progress.

I think Isy's work in progress at Lowdown at the Albany was the first for her new show, which was bloody good when taking that into consideration. It was quite a different direction for Suttie who, in the past, has had character-heavy shows. Very whimsical, musical and completely adorable; I particularly liked her song about different generations falling in love "uppercase, uppercase, lowercase kiss".

Project Ace.

This was the first run-through for Danielle Ward and Martin White's new musical and was one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen. I think it is safe to say that the whole audience was blown away with its awesomeness. The cast helped: Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Colin Hoult, Doc Brown, Anna & Katy, The Penny Dreadfuls, Tony Gardner, Lizzie Roper and Frank Skinner.

I'm not going to even try to pick a favourite moment/performer because everyone ROCKED. Although, I think Colin Hoult needs a special mention for playing a number of different characters (male and female); uber talented.


I'd not heard of WitTank before, but after chatting to a friend about my love of sketch comedy she told me that seeing them was a must. I didn't have to wait long as they gig twice a month at Etcetera Theatre.

I'll quote from WitTank's tumblr account, which gives a damn good summary of what it is they do/their style:

"Witness the unacceptable mess as this sketch group mix razor-sharp wit with charm. And they look good, well, ok. Join us in London, Edinburgh and across the country for boundless energy, infectious fun and above all great jokes, leaving behind fond memories and possibly a restraining order. Forget your troubles and immerse yourself in ours. WitTank is: Kieran Boyd, Mark Cooper-Jones and Naz Osmanoglu."

It was epecially nice to see them with a friend (and mega-fan of WitTank's) that I don't often spend a lot of time with; she's such a laugh.

Crash Test Comedy.

This had become so popular that they had to swap the smaller room at The Pleasance for the big one. Brilliant sets from Delete The Banjax, Idiots of Ants, William Andrews and finally, some new material from Angelos Epithemiou (which was hilarious!).

Delete The Banjax have a sketch in which they tandem parachute. I'd seen it before but this time they ended the sketch by singing Cheryl Cole's 'Parachute'; brilliant.

Andrews' material about ghosts and 3 sylable names had me roaring with laughter. I must say, he looked extremely dapper in his tie and waistcoat.

A thought.

I like it when the phrase "let's dance" is used when one walks into a stranger and then continues to the move the same way. It never fails to amuse me.

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