Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Joke Party.

No more Joke Party at the Wilmington Arms until September; boo! This one was a lot of fun and my friends and I spotted some industry-type people in the audience. William Andrews was the compere and was joined by Colin Hoult, Fergus Craig, Anna & Katy, Matthew Baynton, Tommy and the Weeks, Sophie Black and Andrea Donovan.

All the comedians were on fine form and there was a great turn out. Really hard to pick favoutites, but Fergus Craig's character comedy was AWESOME (more please, Fergus!). Tommy and the Weeks' new material was great; I do like Tom Bells low energy/depressive humour. I'd not seen or heard of Matthew Baynton before and I really enjoyed his sets. His story about Jamie Oliver and why he thought "he was soooooo down to earth" was hilarious.

The last half of the show saw the return of Will & Greg as they tested out their radio pilot which was being recorded later in the week. The sketch about the "cat shouterer" was my favourite: "Whiskers! You're getting on my wick, yeah!". Will has a killer voice. Karaoke Circus? I HOPE SO.

A thought.

I didn't think i'd ever like Doctor Who, but I do. I like it a lot. Matt Smith is so, so good. He reminds me a lot of Jonny Sweet.

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