Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Turns out, there are an awful lot of Tom's in comedy. Every month Thom Tuck from The Penny Dreadfuls organises and MC's Tom:foolery at the Escape Bar in Soho. This months line-up featured the likes of Adams, Cottle, Price, Deacon, Goodliffe and Wrigglesworth.

The Escape Bar is a very odd venue for comedy. I'm pretty sure drag queens kept trying to come in for a drink and were being turned away (by an enormous bouncer). I kept getting distracted by the TV behind the stage that was showing 'The Hills' with sublitles, oh, and the mirror ball.

Adams (gotta love 'The Meat Theif') and Goodliffe (maths jokes! WIN) were my favourite Tom's of the night. Poor Mr. Wrigglesworth wasn't very well, but i'm very glad he came down to headline.

A thought.

I had no idea that 'The Little Mermaid III' existed until Thom mentioned it. Even my 6 year old sister, Samantha, didn't know and she's a huge Little Mermaid fan.

Me: Did you know there was a 3rd Little Mermaid DVD?
Samantha: NO! How do you know that?
Me: A comedian called Thom Tuck told me so.
Samantha: I'll have to ask Mum to buy it for me.

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