Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Time Out Presents: One Night Only.

Last night I went to the Bloomsbury Theatre (how middle class) for a Christmas event presented by Time Out. The bill was pretty good; i'd seen only 2 out of the 9 acts, which included Will Andrews, Sarah Pascoe, Rich Fulcher, Beardyman, The Boy With Tape On His Face, Idiots of Ants, Tim Key, Reginald. D. Hunter and MC, Jason Cook (as "An Elf").

I wasn't sure of Will Andrews' set to begin with, but he soon won me over. I'd like to check him out again in the near future, a longer set perhaps.

Growing up in Australia means that i'm not always up to speed with everything English. I really hate it when conversations turn to old English television programs/books/traditions because it usually goes over my head. I guess Sarah Pascoe has been in a lot of other programs besides The Thick Of It, but that is the only show I know her from. I really liked her material/delivery/dark sense of humour.

I'm not sure if I like or don't like Rich Fulcher. Some of his material I like (especially the bit about take-away chains) and other bits I don't really "get". His set was a lot better than the one I saw him give at Los Quattros Cvnts a few weeks back though.

I'd never heard of Beardyman before and he was one of my favourite performers of the night. He's essentually a beatboxer, but a humorous one at that. He really livened up the (quiet) audience.

The boy With Tape On His Face is just brilliant! Performers that rely a lot on audience participation can easily die an awful death, but not TBWTOHF.

Tim Key is always a favourite of mine. He got into the festivity of the evening by reciting some Christmas poetry. I loved the bit when he was talking about Santa and then looked up at the audience and said "you know Santa" (mimed a beard) "I wanted to say paedo then, but he wasn't always a paedo". I also like the bit when he talks about the things people have said/written about him and put certain words in inverted commas (e.g "poet").

I'm glad I got to see Reg. D. Hunter, i've been meaning to for ages. I like the way in which he tells a series of stories and ties them together at the end.

A thought.

All I can think about it sleep.

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