Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Swan Lake And La Clique.

I hadn't been to 2 shows in 1 day since Edinburgh, but it was doable, so we did it. First show of the day was the matineé performace of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and the second, La Clique.

When I was about 5 and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say "Margot Fonteyn". I gave up dancing when I was 12, but it still interests me greatly. It's quite odd that i've never been to a live ballet before; Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake lived up to all my expectations and then some.

The lead male dancers were the most equisite dancers i've ever seen in my life; I sat aghast the entire show. The part where all the male swans were dancing around the lake was my favourite. The choreography was just incredible.

The only criticism I had was the female ballerina's were wearing these high-heel type pumps and I wished I could watch them dancing in their points.

From here on in, I want to go to the ballet every Christmas.

I'd seen La Clique when it was at the Hippodrome earlier in the year and loved it. I was very lucky to have been given a free ticket to see it again, this time at the Roundhouse.

All the acts were varied and entertaining, with 4 performers (Mario, Ursula Martinez The Skating Willers and Marawa) coming back for the second run. Mario and The Skating Willers did the same set, but Marawa's and Ursula's were new.

Ursula Martinez's routine blew my mind; it's kind of like a stip tease meets a magic trick. Long story short, she ends up naked centre stage and makes a red hankerchief disappear and then reappear.

Le Gateau Chocolat had me in stitches with his raunchy, drag, operatic routines. He graced the stage 3 times during the show, each time was funnier than the last.

Samalvarez was the other stand-out for me. Think aerial flying with chains; extraordinary.

A thought.

I wonder what ballerina's think about when they're dancing a routine they've danced many, many times before.

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