Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Fix Presents: An Un-royal Variety Performance.

With London covered in ice and snow, I had a horrible feeling that this gig would be cancelled. It had an incredible line-up (Pappy's, Adam Riches, Cardinal Burns, Boothby Graffoe with Antonio Fariconne, Tim Key, Mark Watson, Angelos Epithemou and MC, Richard Sandling), so I really wished it wasn't. It started half an hour later than scheduled and the audience was very scarse, but it did go ahead. It was an odd gig; good, but odd.

I haven't seen Pappy's since they became a 3 person sketch group and I did feel that something was missing (maybe it was just the big empty venue??). Tom Parry had me and fellow member, Ben Clark, in stitches during one of their sketches. Ben was laughing so much that Matthew Crosby told them off for drinking before the show and ended it prematurely.

I'd seen Cardinal Burns do the same set at Clark's at the 100 Club a few months back and loved it. It really isn't as enjoyable when the audience isn't willing to participate; such a shame. LOVE Dustin's dancing during 'Sex On Fire'.

I'd never heard of Boothby Graffoe before (i'm blaming my Australianism) and I found him utterly charming and a very talented musician. I must admit, I didn't hear a word he was singing because I was so engrosed in the music. Antonio Farricone played on his own during part of the set and recieved the biggest cheer of the night; an amazing giutarist!

After the interval Harry Deansway (the organiser of the gig) gave a small speech about how he was being sued because he couldn't pay back a loan and An Un-royal Variety Performance was to help pay The Fix's legal fees. I don't think it was intentional, but the mood in the room became flat; it was lifted when Tim Key graced the stage.

Tim started in the usual way - tie/beer/poetic stance/poem, but several minutes into his set he asked Harry (who was on the sound desk) how he thought his speech went. Harry told him it went alright and the banter (between Tim and Harry) continued until someone in the audience heckled "5 out of 10". It was very funny.

Key went down a treat. I do love his Christmas poetry, particularly the peom which begins with "Joseph tried to fuck Mary..." and the one about the elf who was making a toy and slipped and cut himself next to his dick (apparently it was with a screwdriver).

I've never seen Mark Watson give a set like he did at this event! It started off like it usually does and then 2 audience members (a man and a woman) walked out. Mark chased them and asked why they were leaving and the man said they "were going to see someone about a joke" and the lady said they "had to take a phonecall". Mark stayed in the audience to deliver the rest of his material, saying that he "liked to see the whites of our eyes". I laughed so hard when he said his tag line should be "Mark Watson: full of babies". I also liked the joke about how happy one gets when they're eating battenburg ("with all those coloured squares") and then you think "i'm going to die soon".

I've seen Angelos a few times before and his gags aren't as funny as the first time I saw it.

A thought.

I don't enjoy my comedy as much at this time of year - the vibe at gigs makes me feel uneasy.

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  1. Christmas gigs are often a little odd. They tend to attract people that don't go to comedy any other time. And office Christmas do's.