Friday, 25 December 2009

Pajama Men.

I killed time on snowy Oxford Street until it was time to see Pajama Men at Soho Theatre. I'd seen the show in Edinburgh and enjoyed it, but I think I appreciated on a different level the second time. Genius!

Basically, Shinoah and Mark are character comedians and they play lots of different people who are on the same train. All of the characters die towards the end and it turns into a confession of why the murderer did what he did. It's actually quite touching as well as painfully funny.

There was part in the show where a ghost (Jennifer) and a 16 year old boy (Dan; he's "invinsible") share secrets by whispering into each others mouths. The secret telling kept going back and fourth and each time the secret receiver was getting more and more reluctant to open their mouth. I laughed so much I had a very sore tummy.

A review that is a lot more eloquent than mine can be found in the Guardian.

A thought.

I'm racking my brain as to the reason why a friend suddenly hates me so much. I can't think of one.

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