Sunday, 13 December 2009


The months seem to be flying by, it felt like only a few weeks since I last attented An Event Of Some Kind. Two months? Seriously?

Don't Tread On Spiders and Witness To The Beard provided music, Tom Basden and Eric Lampaert provided comedy and, as always, H Anthony MC-ed the evening and provided thoughts/musing/poerty/music/comedy.

I arrived halfway through Witness to the Beard's first set as I had to do an odd job in Soho. They were my favourite band of the evening (I thought the drummer was particularly ace!). Don't Tread On Spiders were fine, but there was something about them that I didn't like very much. I think it was the fact that their sound and look was quite emo and young (teenage?) and they weren't all that emo... or young.

I'd seen Eric Lampaert at Fullmooners just before the summer, it was a drunk, late night crowd and Eric did what he had to do to make then laugh. Unfortunatley for my-sober-self I didn't find him very funny. I enjoyed his set at AEOSK, although I wasn't too keen on the fact that he kept asking the audience what they wanted him to talk about.

Tom Basden went down a treat. He played most of my favourite songs (even Champagne, which i've only heard on YouTube). He said he doesn't play songs like Wun Nee, Gang-bang Girl and Torture Chamber because his girlfriend doesn't like them. I do, I like them a lot. Do you know what would have really been great? If he sang some songs from The One And Only Herb McGwyer Plays Wallis Island. I know; it was never going to happen.

H Anthony is getting so good at this MC-ing business. One day i'd like to experience life from his perspective, it seems awesome. His beat poem about Christmas was the perfect end to a great night of entertainment.

A thought.

Are two jobs better than one?

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