Saturday, 26 December 2009


This was the most shambolic Freeze! i've ever witnessed.

The first sketch ends with Tim Key throwing his beer over Tom Basden and a blackout signifies the end. In this instance, the glass shattered and flew in Tom's direction. When the lights came back up Tim explained he was saying *insert last word in sketch here* (I can't remember what it was), but what he was really doing was "checking for blood on a handsome mans face". Tom didn't flinch and just continued like nothing had happened. I don't think I was the only one that winced as Tom wondered around stage in his socks and Tim continued to drink out of the broken glass.

There were was a new Christmassy sketch which I don't think went to plan. From what I can gather, the angel Gabriel (Tim) passed wind which the shepherd (Tom) picked up on (<-- I tried to put this in the nicest way possible), and ran with it. It turned into a blame game; hilarious! I enjoyed watching the new short clip of Santa unwinding after Christmas ('Santa and his elves') as well as the short film that Key and Basden had made many years ago which took place on New Years Eve.

There was a very weird moment just before the interval when an audience member put up their hand and asked Tim if they could go to the toilet and about 7 people followed suite. Tim asked Tom if he needed to go and he replied "I could probably go if I tried". Tim then told the audience they had to stay where they were while he and Tom left to "try and go". As he went to leave the room, those who needed the loo pushed passed Tim as he guarded the doorway.

At the last Freeze! I went to, they tried to show 'The Amazing Hedge Puzzle', but it refused to play halfway through and we ended up watching 'The One And Only Herb McGwyer Plays Wallis Island' instead. At this Freeze!, however, we got to to watch the film in it's entirety (good). The other short film we were shown was called 'Piano For Beginners'.

I enjoy when Tim joins in when Tom performs one of his musical numbers. Tonight the song was Champagne (a favourite!). We all had a sing-song with 'Jingle Bells' towards the end of the show. Fun times.

A thought.

Tomorrow I must leave the house and stop being a recluse.

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