Sunday, 6 December 2009

O'Doh-Party. Again.

I love this show so much, I would happily go and see it again and again and again. It's full of so many fantastic songs and stories and quotes that I really want to remember, but I think my brain hates me because it's having so much trouble.

'My Beefs 2009' was my favourite song of the evening (however, I am always moved and always love 'Everything Is Not Shit').

There was an extra little story after he told of the dog he almost killed - an intelligent dog that's expression said "if only I wasn't trapped inside this furry kiosk". Apparently an audience member came up to him after a show who had actually killed a dog that she was looking after (I will leave you with these words: dead dog, suitcase, New York, subway, thief).

I enjoyed the slightly over-use of the word "whatevs"; his phrases always make me smile. Oh, and I really like the lyric "happiness is like an urban fox".

I'm not sure if anyone else has actually noticed that O'Doherty uses the same noise ("dooga-dooga-dooga") for sex and driving down a country road (complete with grass "brazilian") - makes me giggle.

I was totally oblivious to the fact that DO'D had an album out, but i'm pleased to say that i'm now the owner and listener of 'Giggle Me Timbers (Jokes Ahoy)'. I really reccommend buying it - it's so joyous. Also, I finally got around to ordering 100 Panda Facts too (hurry up Mr. Postman!).

A thought.

It's time to get healthy, no more "tomorrow".

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